Our history


Ukrainian branch of All-Union Institute of Agricultural Radiology was founded by order of the Head of Gosagroprom of the USSR of 3 June 1986, because of the Chernobyl NPP accident and because of absence in Ukraine of a scientific institution that would work on the problems of agricultural radiology. In 1991, on petition of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine, the branch was transformed into Ukrainian Institute of Agricultural Radiology (UIAR).


In the first years after the accident, a significant part of our efforts was devoted to the practical works, which were directly related to the elimination of the accident consequences and fulfilling of the on-line tasks of the Government. UIAR staff in collaboration with other institutions carried out the great practical works on evaluation of the radiological situation in various branches of agriculture, including missions to the contaminated territories, sampling and analysis of tens of thousands of soil, vegetation and animal production samples, and generalization of the obtained results. In that period, we elaborated :


Also we carried out the radiation expertise of forage and exported agricultural production. Due to the valuable input of our scientists, radiological situation in agriculture in Ukraine in 1990 was stabilized.


The researches of the Institute are well-known worldwide, our scientists regularly present the reports at the International and National scientific meetings, carry out the projects within the frameworks of the collaboration programs CEC-CIS, FGI, the STCU and the projects with the leading European institutes.


The scientists of UIAR have published since the accident more than 650 scientific works including about 100 methods, recommendations, and proposals for organization of agriculture in the radioactive contaminated territories. These proposals have been implemented in the practical work of the divisions of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and of the radiological services at the levels of regions, districts and farms. The concept of the agricultural production in the contaminated territory of Ukraine has been developed for the period till 2010, as well as the programs of rehabilitation of the abandoned territories etc. For the most critical settlements, the technical projects were proposed, which would guarantee the manufacture of the production satisfying the acting standards.